9 domestic appetizer, cold noodles, enough to eat a summer

t two days,
the temperature in many parts of the country is getting higher and higher.
The air is full of summer flavor.
But the weather is hot and the appetite is bad.
What about swelling? Chicken pasta,
pasta sauce,
minced beef sauce noodles.
small cities recommend nine to Cold Noodles with Sesame Sauce as appetizers,
and you want to be lazy chowhound! Learn it,
all summer long enough to eat ~ everyone is watching homicide nanny case,
the verdict! Only for the advance paid 1 and a half years old investigation poison 10 Wei Zexi incident on cancer immunotherapy some truth eight departments to carry out remediation special action cure,
you encountered? (from the official micro-blog of West China Metropolis Daily) Ling Chen,
Zhai Qiaohong