Ever-victorious general lilac blossom everywhere doctor invincible Health Week list limelight

sued by the new list of life times and China health influence WeChat ranking,
today released the sixty-third phase,
the list of the statistical period is from April 25th to May 1st,
statistics as of 2 at 12 o'clock.
This week's qualifying battle seems calm,
and last week's summit of Health China continued to count first in the number of points.
Although the amount of reading has slow down,
but still can see that everyone is simmering,
ready to go.
Ever-victorious general Lilac doctor not only to force in the document number,
and the number of reading also ushered in the growth of nearly 400 thousand,
thunder invincible.
Three fax this week outstanding performance,
the ranking jumped from 71 to fourth.
This week the championship changed hands,
won by the runner up last week,