From polo shirt to wearable equipment, Polo shirts in the past and present life

thout Polo is incredible.
The exact origin of the Polo shirt has not been tested yet,
but records show that its birth was closely related to the rise of polo in the nineteenth Century.
Amateur Polo is the first British soldiers in India and Manipur tea farmers.
Because the traditional long sleeved cotton sweater is not easy to exercise,
people fix their collars with buttons.
Polo was introduced to England in 1862.
At the end of the nineteenth Century,
John E.
founder of the American Brooks Brothers company,
went to Europe to purchase.
While in England,
he watched a polo match and noticed that the collar was buttoned to prevent the wind from blowing.
John E.
Brooks brings the idea back to the United States and applies it to formal shirts.
This kind of formal shirt with buttons and