seed after the end,
finally have a domestic drama over her sister market.
At this time,
there is probably no more drama than Ode to joy.
Since the descent of the sun,
there has been a national conscience drama at last.
Ode to joy was called five women and one play by netizens.
The five heroines in the play are very different in character and have their own distinguishing features.
No matter what kind of woman you are,
you can always find some shadow of yourself in them.
High IQ returnees elite Andy,
the real top figures in the workplace,
elegant atmosphere and high cold,
Morphling rich female Xiao Xiao,
his family was generous,
from parents,
dare to do everything,
some self-centered,
but the heart is very chivalrous.
Older white-collar Fan Shengmei,
foreign senior HR,