24 hours, 1 million 30 thousand participants, 4 billion 200 million yuan world record is refreshed

efore the 2016 Olympics,
a world record was first created,
allowing China to add world first! The prize is not Ning Zetao,
but Sun Yang,
Chinese Home Furnishing circulation boss meikailong.
In April 30th,
-5 2,
just 3 days,
a total of 24 hours of business hours,
creating a world's 3 days of home sales of the largest home store chain world record.
The afternoon of May 3rd,
the association of world records certified officer MikeVincent Heister in Meikailong North mall awarded the world certificate for meikailong.
Sales of 4 billion 200 million &amp per second; sold 86 pieces of furniture to see a sparkling transcript: three days total record sales of 4 billion 200 million yuan,
the equivalent of 17 years of Feng Xiaogang to the movie box office total; three days total attracted 1 mill