Brother and sister swept South Korea sound source list, it is YG produced

e: Sina micro-blog Tencent micro-blog @ Korean me2day RE BYE music child musicians occupy 8 South Korean charts 1,
Happy child musicians in Korea time new album on the morning of 4 public customers hit RE BYE until 8 when the morning in South Korea Melon-Naver-Olleh-Genie-Bugs-Soribada-Mnet-Monkey3 Korea 8 charts occupy 1 place double HOW PEOPLE MOVE is the main song charts occupy the 2 position,
the other song have also included the album into the list,
once again shows the power source and happy child.
In addition,
a week of happy child musicians to Idol,
the fans are expecting and eloquence.
according to the relevant personnel of MBCevery1 news: as a guest star in happy child musicians will be a week of Idol ,
is currently in the date of adjus