From the mobile phone to see character does not believe, please see

he top blue ha ha,
pay attention to see the fun content! A 20 year old migrant worker,
work in a factory,
the salary is 2000 yuan.
One day,
he asked his parents to make money,
buy a iPhone65288 yuan.
The new mobile phone to let him feel double face,
a time to come off.
his foreman used more than 1000 of the millet,
which his minister used was more than 2000 of the samsung.
His manager used only the apple 5S,
more than 3000.
His father used NOKIA,
which was bought five years ago,
more than 300.
how many young people feel that an expensive mobile phone is a status symbol? Does it stand for money,
fame and position? In fact,
these vanity just reflects your self-confidence.
Real big brother,
will care about how others see him,
use what mobile phone? Young people,
wealth can p