How does the black eye cover long pox, how do you want to ask the beauty editor's 20 questions, the answer is here

choose lipstick? How to cover dark circles? Go to the black what? How about a long acne?.
You want to ask all the questions about the beauty editor.
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What Q1 Makeup | | Eyeliner good painting without halo? I was in pairs,
eyeliner is very easy to halo,
beauty editor Lynn said,
but thankfully,
I use eyeliner is not too dizzy,
Shu Uemura (Shu Uemura) fiber variable ink painting eyeliner and Chanel (Chanel) the eyeliner is my love,
and Kate.
I usually use eyeliner,
and then fill in the details of eyeliner.
Q2 ink eye liner (Shu Uemura) 290 yuan Liquid Eyeliner (Chanel) 310 yuan eyebrow how to draw? First you have to repair the eyebrow eyebrows,
not even makeup is not good master of painting.
Repair eyebrows up will be very easy,
you only need to modify itself accordin