How many people do you know of the 12 most beautiful women in ancient poetry?

ent times,
scholars love beauty,
count the classical poetry,
describe the beauty of poetry is not in the minority,
but only - I do not know which poem stabbed you in the hearts of the beautiful woman? The figure is beautiful,
like draw with the paintbrush,
the sculptor carves out,
plus the expression of the bashful expression.
With the behavior between the charming.
How can such a beautiful woman not be liked? Source: World Poetry (shicitiandi) http://url.
cn/2BY4LLe please contact the authorized and poetry world publishing editor: Mizuki Ayatsumi (mweishijie) the ancient literati love beauty,
beauty beauty in classical poems describing the breakdown of poetry is not a few,
but -- I do not know what poem poke in your heart with the wind? Book of Songs a hand like soft,
lily-white skin,