She is beautiful and talent in a woman or a luxury version of the diamond

api sauce is a collection of beauty and talent in a woman,
Xiao GE has always been a little agree.
After all,
in many short collections of directors,
video cameras,
and so on,
she is really outstanding.
But if I want to equate her with the word as the current trend,
I absolutely disagree.
Because a man is better,
more talented,
and more important than she is,
richer than she is! Well! Much! She is the little white rabbit in Carol,
On the first date of two people,
Carol described her in the film: What a strange girl you are.
Flung out of space.
( you're a strange girl,
like extraterrestrial) this is Carol of Terri silk confession,
director Todd Hayes choose Runima pull,
but also for her my best describe.
She comes from a wealthy family,