From the thought is the boss started Internet movie this really to visit the counter attack

nce clubs hiding Luxury Apartments,
borrow the public comments,
the U.
mission network to sell pornographic group purchase service,
at the same time,
the 19 year old club recruitment website recruitment of female students in Higher Vocational Colleges to provide transport customers,
from 880 yuan to 2980 yuan of various types of sexual services.
After the police destroyed the gang,
netizens instantly burst,
netizens hilarious message: for so Jigme group,
there was such a function,
why didn't you say!!! This time,
the reality behind the movie actually more fullness,
when prostitution meets the Internet,
not only can play group buying,
but also play recruitment,
then immortal jump? This year's may day,
a big network film think is the boss in,
there has been such a gangster Jobs,