Some people don't think he is handsome and style to catch up

quality life? A custom-made suit made by Savile Row.
A watch that shows your character and grace.
Light and appreciation of beauty,
there are Lafite next month Duzhuo.
Good scenery,
good people,
good wine,
long aftertaste,
but the so-called quality life is your attitude towards life.
One coat,
one food,
and one's daily expenses have their own style and style.
Do you believe that some valuable paintings can be randomly arranged in the room and living room? However,
all this is just a routine for Allen Lin.
His pursuit of high quality is everywhere in his life.
In the family can see the collection of fat man,
02 years with Pan Dehai teacher high time,
has 100 thousand yuan.
And 14 years,
Pan Dehai paintings in the Garter sold to 9 million 200 thousand.
So this picture of Zeng Fanzhi's L