The Taidamai X7 years on Highlander listed this quiz to copy who pictures

the Thai official said that its big step X7 plan officially listed in the year,
the new car will be positioned in a medium-sized SUV,
and equipped with 1.
5T and 2.
0T engines.
And released a preview map.
From the preview figure,
the big X7 adopted a more tough body line design.
In addition,
the official said the new car body size will be close to the TOYOTA Highlander,
is expected to be located in a mid sized SUV.
At the same time,
the new car will also provide 5 edition and 7 edition for consumers to choose.
The Taidamai X7 spy Taidamai X7 renderings the Volkswagen Cross CoupeGTE concept car X7 Cross CoupeGTE the Taidamai interior public interior power,
the new car will be equipped with 1.
5T and 2.
0T two turbocharged engine,
but the official did not disclose the specific dynamic data