This thing even skin to eat, can prevent 99 of cancer, only 2 yuan a pound, but too few people know

otato is rich in starch,
fiber and other essential nutrients,
but also rich in magnesium,
calcium and other mineral elements such as linoleic acid and so on.
These substances can maintain vascular elasticity,
and it is very effective in the prevention and treatment of habitual constipation in the elderly.
At the same time,
an active substance extracted from sweet potatoes: dehydroepiandrosterone can effectively suppress colon and breast cancer.
02 green tea,
green tea contains catechins,
can play a role in inhibiting cancer.
Laboratory studies show that Green Tea can control and slow down the esophagus,
breast and prostate cancer cells in growth,
drink 8 cups a day more than Green Tea,
can reduce bladder cancer,
gastric cancer and pancreatic cancer.
03 strawber