Zhou Qi about running for NBA is a dream, want to try, no pressure

me on May 4th news,
since the announcement to participate in the NBA draft,
is the United States for special training Zhou Qi for the first time sound,
he said that playing NBA is from childhood dream,
want to try.
Three weeks ago in April 15th,
Zhou Qi officially announced that he would take part in the 2016 NBA draft.
When it comes to whether the decision changes his mood,
Zhou Qi said calmly,
nothing has changed.
(playing) NBA is definitely a dream,
now have this opportunity,
but also want to try,
I hope I can go to the higher stage to show themselves.
In Zhou Qi's impression,
what exactly is NBA? It represents the highest level in the world,
Zhou Qi said.
The tempo is faster and the game is stronger.
Zhou Qi used 6 words to describe the biggest challenge NBA could encounter i